How it all began

I first picked up a camera at the age of 10, and havent really put one down ever since.

Growing up on a tiny island off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, gave me such a keen sense of adventure, and an immense love for nature. For as long as i can remember, I’ve been infatuated by waterfalls, glaciers, volcanos, beaches, you name it. (No wonder i fell in love with Iceland so much)

I feel the most inspiration when I’m outdoors. Which is why shooting landscapes gets me so thrilled.

That being said, i also love photographing people.
I love getting to know new people and learning about their stories.

Photography, travelling and writing are of my favourite things in the world. Being able to combine these 3 aspects of my life gives me nothing but joy.

Anyway – i am tired of talking about my self. But id love to get to know you.

If you read all of this, I’m glad you’re here.
Now let me know, what inspires YOU?

All images found on this blog have been shot & edited by Steph Gaul

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