Connectivity & Self Isolation – What a Time to be Alive

A phrase i have often said sarcastically, and now find myself repeating daily. What a time to be alive.
Being in self-isolation, you’re given so much time alone with your thoughts. Yet I am still finding it difficult to wrap my head around whats going on with the pandemic of Covid-19. Every morning that i wake up, i have to remind myself of whats happening. Growing up on a tiny gulf island on the west coast of Canada, you never expect something like this to actually effect you. Yet here we are.
I have been doing my part by social-distancing in hopes to “flatten the curve” and i hope you all have to.

I am a firm believer that with any negative situation, there will always be at least one silver lining.

By being told to #StayTheFuckHome, Its encouraged some healthy shifts in my life.
I have began each day of “quarantine” by doing an hour of yoga, and then heading into the woods with Nala. I am so incredibly lucky that i live right next to the mountains and miles and miles of dense Forrest. The fact that taking my dog on a hike still counts as social-distancing and self isolation has been a saving grace. It’s times like this where i have the most overwhelming feelings of gratitude, to be born a Canadian citizen, living in an area with an abundance of wilderness.

I cant help but feel like this worldwide slow-down is so necessary for a number of reasons.

Number 1 being to obviously flatten the curve and reduce the spread of this terrible disease. However, i feel that it is so incredibly beneficial for us all to slow down and reconnect with ourselves like this every once in a while. We live in a world where we are constantly feeling the need to have every hour of our day occupied. We always are thinking about where we need to be next, what we have to do next, and we so rarely focus on where we are.
I am not trying to take away from the severity of the situation, but rather find light in an otherwise very dark time.
This has been a time of great discomfort for many. Not knowing when we will go back to work, or when things will improve can be incredibly daunting.

But this is what we need. To reconnect. To learn how to live again.

We need to be forced to stay home so we can focus on ourselves and our well-being. I have always said “i wish i could just have 2 weeks to get caught up in life and have no responsibilities”. well… ask and you shall receive!
We need to take this time to re-learn how to live.
Learn to cook the meal you’ve had saved in your Pinterest folder for ages but are always “Too busy” to make.
Paint that picture that you bought your paint supplies for but talked yourself out of.
Call that friend that you’ve been meaning to call for ages.
Fix that thing in the house you’ve been procrastinating fixing.
Do that yoga class you’ve had saved in your YouTube watch later playlist.

Or, do absolutely none of that.

Take this time to sleep in for as long as you need.
To simply just exist, and to breathe.
To do the things that make you feel happy, and make you feel alive.
You have nowhere to be, and nothing to do, other than exist.

The Earth is healing. And I hope we all can learn from this

It breaks my heart that it took a pandemic costing the lives of so many, for us to realize how badly we needed to stop. But The earth has been healing, and after all the years of damage, we must give it time.
CO2 emissions have significantly dropped.
The canals in venice are running clear.
The streets are quiet & the air is crisp.

Its Time to Create!

With nothing but time on my hands, I will be using this as a time to focus my energy on photography, and to create some new and exciting content!
Time to get the creative juices flowing, and see where this forced down time takes me.

What does Self-Isolation & Social-Distancing look like for you?

Let me know about the things that help get you through the self-isolation period in the comment section below!

And for anyone who feels like having a couple “Quarantini’s”… I’ve got the perfect playlist just for you.

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  1. Beautiful and such important sentiments that you have shared here, Steph. Well written.

    Pleased to share that I’ve been spending my social distancing time similarly – with furry family, in nature, creating, doing yoga, studying, and in many ways healing.

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