Adventures and Bears

After a busy and stressful week, feeling the need for some adventure, i decided a trip to the coast was in order. A co-worker of mine had recommended a place she knew of where black bears are known to hangout and feed, and where you can watch them from a safe distance. So i packed up the car and set off for a much needed day full of Adventures and Bears.

As I have mentioned in previous post’s, Tofino is a place that makes my heart feel so full. I always leave feeling so rejuvenated and refreshed. It’s quite possibly the best place for me to go if I am looking for mental clarity, or just need to decompress.

Our first stop was for a small walk at Little Qualicum Falls.

Next Stop, Bear Watching.

We arrived at the location my friend had told me about. While nala waited paitently in the car, I got out and began looking for bears.
When I first arrived, i couldn’t see anything. So I waited and explored the area a bit. After walking on the boardwalk that’s located on the river where the bears feed, I realized that I could hear the sound of something eating. And sure enough, underneath the boardwalk was a beautiful black bear feasting on a freshly caught salmon.
I was completely blown away. Here i am – standing 2 feet above this amazingly powerful beast, feasting on it’s fresh catch. How unreal!

I decided not to take any photos at this moment, as I felt it was important to just be as present as possible and take in this incredible experience for all that it was. That, and I didn’t have the clearest view of the bear either. It’s honestly quite difficult for me to explain what it felt like being this close to a bear, but it was amazing.

I was so incredibly fascinated and infatuated by this beautiful bear feeding

I was completely immersed in the moment and was paying zero attention to my surroundings. Then, I looked up for a brief moment and realized that there was a massive (and i mean MASSIVE) bear, staring straight at me from across the river.
This was the biggest black bear that i had ever seen, and perhaps the most magnificent creature I’ve ever seen.

I stayed with the bears for about an hour

Though I felt as if i could stay here forever. Since I had Nala-bear in the car, i figured i shouldnt stay longer than an hour. This hour was one of the most precious hours of my life.
You know that feeling you get in your tummy when you’re over the moon excited about something? I felt that for the next 3 days, every time i thought about the time I shared with these bears.

Leaving this experience, i couldn’t help but feel so incredibly lucky. To be able to be in such close quarters with such powerful creatures while feeling so safe is quite an indescribable feeling.

Bears are a source of fear and anxiety for many

But the more time i spend around these guys the less I fear them. It is so incredibly crucial that we all learn how we can happily co-exist with animals such as bears, because after all this is THEIR home and we are simply visitors. If everyone takes the proper precautions and does their research before heading into bear country, i believe that we can live harmoniously with these animals.

Staying calm when close to a bear is one of the most crucial things in my opinion. I am a strong believer that animals feed off of the energy you put out. And had i been uptight, stressed or nervous around these bears, who knows if they would’ve even stayed in the area. I felt truly honored that they were comfortable enough to feed and hangout in my presence.

For more information on safe bear encounters, Check out this link!

Would you want to go bear watching? Let me know in the comments below!