A Perfect Weekend in the City

This weekend was one for the books.

My dear friend Madison and I escaped the rock and headed over to the mainland for a pretty perfect weekend full of good tunes, dancing, hiking and lots of belly-laughs. With a thirst for adventure, and a need to get out of town for a day or two, we could not have been more stoked. And, we kicked it all off by seeing The STROKES! Need i say more?
Well… probably.

For those of you that are not familiar with The Strokes, basically they never tour. Or at least its been a long damn time since they toured. So last year, when they announced that they were playing All Points East in London around the time that i was meant to be there, I had to go. I figured that id never get the chance to see them in Vancouver, so may as well! And well, it was amazing. We saw so many incredible musicians that day and it was an experience ill remember forever. But i had pretty much accepted that that would be the only chance i ever get to see The Strokes. Thankfully however, i was wrong.


In February they announced the show for March 5th at Rogers arena, Vancouver.

One month away. I couldn’t believe it! They only announced 3 tour dates: Vancouver, Seattle & LA. Super random, but i definitely wasn’t complaining!
Anyway, we boogied to Vancouver and danced our asses off. It was definitely a night to remember. Unfortunately, i did not take a single photo or video of the concert. Which I am now realizing is actually a beautiful thing. There’s something so freeing about turning off your phone or camera, and just fully immersing yourself in the experience. Unfortunately though, this leaves you with nothing to post on the gram! Oh the horror! (which is why i left you with a picture from All Points East) Pics or it didn’t happen right?

And then, we climbed a hill and saw the most incredible views.

Eagerly we woke up the next morning, ready to tackle the day and ignore our lingering hangovers. We headed into gastown and enjoyed our morning coffee at Milano’s – to fuel us up for a day on the slopes.
We brought our snow shoes with us as we were heading up Cypress Mountain that day for a hike before heading home. Because the weekend just is not complete, unless you squeeze in a new hike.

As much as i absolutely LOVE the city

I will always be an island girl at heart. Because as we left downtown and began driving up the mountain and into the trees it was almost like a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love the city. I still love the hustle & bustle, and endless opportunities that you have in cities. But the mountains are and will forever be, my safe & happy place. Part of the reason I love Vancouver however, is it’s close proximity to the beautiful mountains and ocean. Which are necessities for this Island girl’s heart to be happy.
We had the most amazing weather which made for an incredible snow shoe up to the Bowen Island Lookout Point.

When we made it to the lookout point, my breath was taken away.

We were greeted by this beautiful bird… Which I’m guessing was a young eagle? But please correct me if i am wrong. He was beautiful. He stayed perched on this tree branch the whole time we were there. Obviously not a shy fella. I guess we weren’t the only ones soaking in the good views.

I felt as though i could have stayed here for hours.

We stayed up here for at least an hour just completely awe-stricken by these unbelievable views. There were blue jays everywhere, squirrels, and whiskey jacks. Oh the alpine, how i love you.
Being up here got me so stoked to do the Saint Marks Summit in the summer once the snow has melted. We initially thought that we could snow shoe up to the summit, but really that was just a fantasy. After being warned of the avalanche zone and having a ferry to catch in a few hours – we decided Bowen lookout would be much more suitable.
If you’re ever looking for a quick hike just outside the city – you have to do this one! It is not strenuous, very quick and amazingly close to the city. And of course, you get these views! This was my perfect weekend in the city. Anyway, enough from me. Now enjoy these photos, and let me know what you think!

After an amazing day in the alpine

We then made our way home back to the island. It was a jam packed 24 hour visit to the mainland, but it was filled with good tunes, great company, scenic views and the yummiest coffee’s.
Here’s to many more weekends like this one in 2020.
What is your idea of a perfect weekend? Let me know in the comments below!